Delftware Best BuyWelcome! Delftware BB is a company specialised in the production of handpainted Dutch pottery. We are proud to mention that we are one of the few traditional manufacturers of the Delft pottery left over in Delft. All the pottery pieces we sell, are still designed and handpainted in one of our atelier-stores on the main square of Delft, de Markt.

During the years, we have developed our own colour schemes and unique designs to complement the traditional Delft blue patterns. Beside the famous Delft Blue, we also produce original Delft Poly, multi-coloured ceramics with floral or landscape designs.

In addition to our handpainted originals pieces, we have developed a jewelry brand, Madame Blue, with pieces that are designed and crafted in the atelier in Delft. Curious? Check www.madameblue.nl for lovely feminine items..

Delftware Best Buy also operates as a wholesale, if you own a business and you would like to gain more information on becoming a dealer, please email us on info@madameblue.nl

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